A community for art freaks
Anti-Arena Art Club is meant to be a place to hang out for people interested in contemporary art. A place where you can immerse yourself among work by modern artists as well as discuss art with like-minded people. You would be able to look through lists of current and upcoming art exhibits. This project was about creating an app that would be fun yet easy to use.
Anti-Arena Art Club is a special place and a special club. Therefore I wanted the brand and the app to have a strong visual personality. It should be bold, in your face, yet playful and engaging. The app elements are more innovative than conventional. I wanted to see how far one could take the user interface design while maintaining a good user experience: an unconventional app for an unconventional club.
Seeking an opportunity to work with a firm that values creativity and strategy, where I can contribute to a team with high ambitions in a fast paced environment.
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Students to Watch 2019, by GDUSA
Academy of Art Uni. Newspaper,
Featured in “Ads of the World”,
Academy of Art Uni. Spring Show, 19
Creativity International, Gold
The Young Ones, The One Show, Merit
The Young Ones, The One Show, Silver
Academy of Art Uni. Spring Show, 18
Clio Health Awards, Shortlisted
San Francisco, June-Aug ‘19
Design Intern
Jung Relations
Stockholm, June-Aug ‘18
Design Intern
WWF International
Switzerland/S.Korea, Aug-Dec 2014
Communication Intern
Academy of Art University
BFA in Graphic Design
San Francisco, 2016-2019
Berghs School of Communication Creative Strategic Communication
Stockholm, 2015
Lund University
Political/Strategic Communication
Lund 2013-2014